Stiksen is a Swedish brand that believe caps are as essential as any other garment. Their viewpoint is that big logotypes don’t make great caps – excellent quality does. Stiksen want their customers to feel comfortable wearing a high quality, sustainable cap in different kind of settings, whether it be to dinner parties, at the office or out in the breeze. Therefore, Stiksen offer minimalistic, Scandinavian headwear, trustworthy in function for all occasions.

The new Stiksen ReWool cap collection is made of MWool®, the next-generation Italian recycled wool produced by Manteco. The fabric ensures a great heat-retaining effect, soft touch, high-breathability and maximum comfort. It is obtained by mechanically recycling highly selected pre- and post-consumer knits. The manufacturing of ReWool entails 87% less on water consumption, 74% less on CO2 emissions and 58% less on total energy usage in comparison to traditional virgin wool production.